>>UK take-home canned Goods market

Canned goods have grown 2.3% in value over the past year, behind total grocery at 3.5%. Most sectors in the category have grown, with the notable exception of canned pasta, tomatoes and sponge puddings, among others.
Growth has solely come from a 3.1% average price increase this year, adding more than £53m to the category. Further growth will have to come from encouraging existing buyers to buy more or trade up.
Canned fish is the largest sector with a 20.5% share. Average price increases have been the main contributor to growth and have added £11m. Buyers are not buying as often but have purchased more each time they buy. Branded canned fish is still most prominent, with a 59% share of the market, but own label is gaining share. Princes is the number one brand, taking over from John West, which was number one last year.
Canned soup is the second-largest canned goods sector in value, with a 17.7% share. Growth has been nearly three times that of total canned goods, owing mostly to innovation. New products accounted for 37.6% of sales. Own-label soups are driving market growth with an extra 473,000 households buying more often. Traditional cans are growing above total soup, where sales have increased by 5%.
Baked beans is the third-largest sector, experiencing a 5.3% increase in sales. Again, prices have been the main driver, adding £10.6m. Price increases have not discouraged households from buying baked beans - penetration remains at 92%. Own-label beans are again driving the market with sales increasing 10%, primarily due to inflation.
Dean Ashraf, TNS Superpanel
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