Red Bull is struggling to convince retailers to stock its new cola drink alongside rivals Coca-Cola and Pepsi rather than in the energy drink fixture, the company has admitted.

Red Bull Cola was launched in May and is already the UK’s 19th biggest-selling soft drink [Nielsen]. However, the company said retailers’ reluctance to position the product with other colas was limiting its potential.

“Recent trials have shown that moving Red Bull Cola from the energy category to the cola category improves sales by up to 10%,” said Gavin Lissimore, Red Bull channel manager for take home. However, the London leg of the Red Bull Air Race, which kicks off next week, would further boost sales of the cola as well as the energy drink, predicted Lissimore, pointing to the 50% sales uplift generated by last year’s event. Red Bull predicted last year’s total of 32.5 million cans sold would jump to 36 million this year.