Kellogg is aiming to bring an extra health dimension to breakfast cereals with a new ‘pre-biotic’ Rice Krispies extension that it claims boosts digestion.
Rolling out now, Rice Krispies Muddles, which contains inulin - a plant extract said to help the body produce ‘friendly’ bacteria - is the first new line for the 76-year-old brand.
However, apart from featuring brand characters Snap, Crackle and Pop on packaging, the extension bears very little resemblance to the original as the trademark rice bubbles have been replaced by rice, oats and maize in the shape of people, trees, fish or flowers.
Retailers have welcomed the launch but one warned that consumer education would be crucial to long-term success. A buyer for one major multiple said: “The idea is an interesting one and it should do something in the category. But its benefits do need to be explained to consumers. Whether interest is sustained will depend on how much Kellogg is prepared to put behind it in the future.”
Kellogg is backing the new offering with a £4m support package, targeted primarily at parents, and is positioning the product as a health boost for children, with an on-pack slogan ‘Helps keep kids healthy from top to toe’.
Activity will include TV and press advertising from April, a sampling campaign plus direct mail to healthcare professionals.