Company: Walkers
Product: Sensations
Distribution level: 91%
Repeat purchase: 48.8%

There's little doubt which brand is the rising star among savoury bagged snacks. Walker's 'posh' range Sensations has attained distribution in 91% of all possible outlets. It has been bought by more than one-fifth of Nielsen's consumer panel with nearly half of those going back for more.
Launched in April last year and backed by an ad campaign featuring Victoria Posh Spice' Beckham seated on a throne with regular brand ambassador Gary Lineker, the range has already welcomed five new flavours.
In contrast, KP's Hula Hoops Shoks, which received a £4m launchpad to celebrate its arrival last spring, only managed to achieve a peak of distribution in just over half the potential outlets. Only 4.6% of consumers were persuaded to buy the brand, although more than a quarter of these have bought a second time.
Other notable newcomers in the bagged snacks arena included Walkers Great British flavours. ACNielsen does not record figures for the individual Marmite, Cheese and Branston and Turkey and Paxo flavours, but Walkers said the combined range accounted for 10% of its total crisp sales at its peak. It also opted to make Marmite a permanent line earlier this year.
Scooby Snacks from Snacks Unlimited made a creditable start, reaching a quarter of potential outlets in its first three months. This has dropped to only 16%, however, while initial trial rate has yet to rise above 3%. Around one-fifth of those who have tried it bought again.