Sir; I was interested to read recent articles about branding in the agri-food sector, including a call for an all-Britain brand and concern about fragmentation. There's a great deal of passion in Scotland about the Scotch beef brand, but it's not a brand that's got anything to do with devolution, nor is it being created from scratch. It is a brand that has essentially existed for many years and is being enhanced and built on. Scotch beef is world-renowned for its premium quality. Indeed it is one of the few brands that has been granted PGI status (an EU designation which protects its geographic identity). Consumer research confirms the brand's strengths and shows that geographic identification can be an important motivator to purchase. That's why we're keen to ensure that Scotch beef and the Specially Selected Scotch beef, pork and lamb brands get the promotional support they need and deserve. Of course, there's a place for British branding, too. Consumers want choice and not all Scottish beef, pork or lamb can be sold under the Scotch label. So the system we're working towards makes sense. A properly-funded and focused Quality Meat Scotland will continue its work in promoting the Specially Selected Scotch brand. Meanwhile there's an important role for the Meat and Livestock Commission to play and it is vital its expertise is properly utilised, economies of scale are achieved, and duplication avoided. We will continue to play a full part in this process. Jim Walker President NFU Scotland Ingliston Newbridge Midlothian {{LETTERS }}