A seven-week advertising campaign for Ryvita’s rice snack Tondo’s is due to break next week as part of a £2m investment in the brand.
Aiming to convey the snack’s ‘moreishness’, and backed by the line ‘Go on, one more won’t hurt’, the 30-second execution features a young woman eating a pack of Tondo’s while she relaxes at home.
Unable to stop herself eating all of them at once, she has to force herself to hide the pack.
Support for the television ads will come in the form of sampling activity for all four flavours via Holmes Place health clubs and London’s Evening Standard newspaper.
The campaign’s primary aim is to raise awareness and drive trial, according to marketing director Rob Murray.
“Ryvita has a trusted heritage of expertise in healthy eating in a market where consumers are swamped with information about what they should be eating. We want to put Tondo’s on consumers’ agendas and engage them using humorous ads,” he said.