In its efforts to provide more points of interest on its wine shelves, Safeway has looked east for its latest collection of new wines. These come from Georgia, the Ukraine and Rumania, which join styles the multiple already stocks from Bulgaria, Hungary and Montenegro. They are a cabernet sauvignon called Odessos Step from the Ukraine retailing at £3.69, a 1998 Matrassa from the Caucasus Valley in Georgia (£3.99), and a red 1998 Tamada Saperavi (£4.99). A spokeswoman said: "We pride ourselves on driving new wine sales, providing good value for money and developing up and coming sectors. "These new wines are all good quality and value for money." The multiple has been clearing out its end-of-line wines to make way for the next vintage. A number were reduced to clear across its stores in all price brackets from £2.99 to £10. Safeway has also had a number of wines on promotion during the first quarter. Some have been specifically targeted at special events such as St Valentine's and St Patrick's Days. {{DRINKS }}