Morrisons remains top of the fascia chart for promotions. A combination of price promotions and multi-buy offers across all categories helped Morrisons to open up a big gap between itself and its competitors last week.
This week the gap has closed slightly with Asda moving closer on a 25% share.
Asda has moved up the chart with a surge in promotions, most notably those on fabs in the form of Reef, Archers Aqua and WKD and Smirnoff Ice.
Sainsbury moved from bottom spot to fourth, ahead of Tesco and Somerfield, as frozen pizzas and beer become the order of the day. Somerfield makes up ground from last week by listing no less than five off-fixture display promotions this week.
Culinary remains the most active category ahead of alcoholic drinks. The category chart remains the same as last week with cereals remaining in the chart through promotions on Kellogg's and Nestlé cereals in Morrisons and Asda. Deals on Pepsi in Tesco help the soft drinks category to remain in the chart.
In the brand chart Heinz takes control boosted by promotions on soups and canned pasta in Morrisons, Asda and Safeway.
Birds Eye steals second spot with a host of promotions on fish and chicken in Morrisons. Müller moves up the chart, driven by deals on it's yogurts in Tesco and a three for 99p deal in Sainsbury.
Uncle Ben's drops off the chart with the entry of Reef at number nine on the back of deals in Somerfield and Asda. Carlsberg moves from third to fifth in the brand chart although it remains strong with promotions across all fascia except Somerfield.
In own label, frozen leads the way via deals on pizza's in Somerfield and Tesco.