Sainsbury’s is giving its ready meals aisle a makeover to make the range easier to shop.

From tomorrow, the retailer will change the flow of the aisles and create new signs to help shoppers navigate the department quickly.

“This will make life much easier for our customers in finding what they are looking for,” meal solutions range planner Richard Thorn told the staff magazine Sainsbury’s Journal.

He also revealed that the retailer had used a ‘digital wall’ to help the team plan the changes.

“The digital wall that we have in Holborn allows us to view what the new look and feel would look like as a digital drawing,” Thorn said. “We can even zoom in and look around a digital image of a store to see how the products would look once they are put on the shelves. This has really helped us with the planning stage and will ultimately make the range work harder and look better.”

The new look is not the only change Sainsbury’s has made recently. Last month, it introduced new shelf-edge labelling.

The white labels now have a bolder, bigger font, while promotions use a bold, black font on an orange background.