Edible flowers Sainsbury's

Sainsbury’s is launching an edible flowers punnet that can be used in summer salads, cake toppings and to garnish smoothies and cocktails.

The supermarket already sells edible flowers as part of its by Sainsbury’s Mozzarella & Flower Blossom Salad Bowl 130g (£2.50). It will launch the standalone 10g punnet of edible flower varieties in the fresh herbs fixture on 30 June (rsp: £3).

The edible floral assortment is grown by local producers in the Vale of Evesham and includes varieties such as tagete marigold, monkey flowers, viola and dianthus.

Vanessa Rider, Sainsbury’s buyer for edible flowers, said: “It’s great to see the first colourful buds going into our edible selection and on to our shelves in the coming weeks - I’m confident customers will love the instant summer glamour that they will add to their dishes.”

James Seymour, product development manager at supplier Westland Nurseries, said: “The summer season is the perfect time to liven up sweet and savoury dishes with these flowers. We’ve been working to curate the perfect selection of edible varieties for the Sainsbury’s punnet, that will be both beautiful and delicious.”