St Dalfour followed up a product debut at this month's Convenience Retailing Show in Birmingham, where it launched Gourmet to Go canned salads, with another at IFE. This time it was drumming up interest for a new range of cooking oils called Rhapsody of Herbs.
Four varieties ­ one for pasta and vegetables, another for seafood and two more to go with red or white meat ­ contain extra virgin olive oil and herbs in a jar which is designed for spooning out.
The French company also launched the 16th flavour in its jam range ­ Imperial Pear.

Costa Rican canned fish producer Sardimar is launching an attack on the UK market with a range of flavoured tuna products.
If successful, it plans to introduce a range of flavours including Smoked, Oregano, Garlic, and Jalapeno tuna under the Drake's Bay banner, its US brand name.

butter sprinkles
US butter replacement brand Butter Buds made its debut at IFE after more than 20 years on sale in the States.
The brand offers consumers butter-flavoured granules made from butter milk with the fat and water taken out.
The granules are sprinkled over food, such as baked potatoes and warm bread, to create a butter flavour.
If a market can be found in the UK, the product would retail for around £2.99 for 30x2g sachets.

cool newcomers
West Country ice cream producer Purbeck added two new flavours to its weird and wonderful collection at IFE. Tequila & Lemon and Peach Schnapps, both containing 4% alcohol, join Rum & Blackcurrant, Gin & Orange and Chilli Red.