Mary Carmichael Advertising icon Captain Birds Eye is to cast his nets wider this autumn as a collection of non-fish products comes under his banner. It is the first time the brand has extended to landlubber products such as meat and vegetables and marks a remarkable renaissance for the ancient mariner. In February, The Grocer revealed how he was being brought out of retirement after a younger, hunkier replacement failed to score the same appeal with young consumers. The old seadog is currently fronting a £7.7m media campaign for the brand and two new TV ads focusing on some of the new lines will break at the start of next month backed by ongoing ads in women's consumer titles. The four newcomers to both the Birds Eye portfolio and the Captain's fleet will be Tuna, Beef and Vegetable Burgers and Potato Cheesies. The company is aiming to make the most of its seafaring hero's popularity by also bringing its existing kids' products ­ including Chicken Dippers, Potato Alphabites and Vegetable FIngers ­ under his command. All the products meet Birds Eye's guidelines on fat and salt levels and carry the "Captain's promise' of no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives on the front of packs. Tuna Burgers will also sport a Great taste or your money back' guarantee. The renovation is part of a strategy to change consumer perceptions of frozen food. Grocery category manager James Simmons said penetration for kids' frozen food was 94% and offered opportunities to increase repertoire purchase. "Moving our existing products under the Captain Birds Eye brand will encourage consumers to shop across a range of different products," he added. {{P&P }}