Exclusive Karen Dempsey S&A Foods ­ best known for its ethnic own label products such as Curry Pot and Noodle Bar ­ is launching its first ever branded range. Called Perween ­ after company founder Perween Warsi ­ the first products in the range will be Spanish tapas. But this is just the first of several planned launches under the Perween brand - whose stated aim is to bring "the world on a plate" to the UK market. Warsi said the decision to start with tapas was prompted by the growing popularity of Spanish restaurants and lifestyle. She said: "There is a strong market opportunity for tapas as it has all the characteristics to satisfy key eating trends. We want to create that tapas at home' market by driving the journey from the restaurant to the retailer to the Perween brand." She added that future dishes "would continue to offer differentiation so we are not competing with our own label business". S&A used Spanish chefs during the development of Perween Tapas to ensure authenticity. The chilled range includes a Spicy Meat Selection (Pork Loin Tumble, Meatballs in Tomato Sauce and Chorizo & Chickpea); Vegetarian Selection (Sweet Peppers & Olives, Spanish Omelette and Garlic Mushrooms); and Seafood Selection (Sardines in Artichoke in Tomato Sauce, Mixed Paella and Tuna Marmitako). Rsp: £4.99. S&A is currently in negotiations with retailers and has earmarked £2.5m for a marketing campaign. {{MARKETING - P&P }}