Tesco is launching a campaign to protect supplies of satsumas, threatened by a downturn in world demand.
The retailer claimed that because the fruit’s popularity is waning in other countries, growers were switching to more profitable options.
Tesco has launched the Save Our Satsumas campaign, and is talking to suppliers to ensure the ongoing production of the fruit.
Tim Lee, produce category manager, said: “Satsumas have often come as a godsend to parents through the ages who often struggle to get their children to eat enough fruit.
“They are extremely popular with children because they are easy to peel and are not messy.”
However, he said ,while UK demand remained high, other areas dropped, with the result that over the last 10 years, production had fallen to less than a third of the number of orchards compared to 1994.
“We are now in talks with our main suppliers and are offering them a guarantee on the quantities we will buy in return for them continuing to grow satsumas.”