Seabrook Crisps is hosting an unusual on-pack recruitment drive - for the UK's newest political party.

Packs of the brand's natural sea salt line will carry a strip featuring key messages from the Blah! Party, along with details of how to join.

The party, launched at this year's Labour Party conference by former punk star Captain Sensible, claims to stand for no-nonsense, straight-talking politics and aims to attract more than 300,000 members.

This is the 61-year-old Bradford-based crisp producer's first-ever marketing activity and possibly the first time food packaging has been used to promote a political party. The company is also sponsoring Blah! and providing financial support.

"A no-nonsense, straight-talking approach to life is something that Seabrook Crisps can relate to," said chairman Ken Brook-Chrispin. "The majority of people in the UK are disaffected with politics, where spin and rhetoric takes priority over substance."

The Seabrook Crisps range comprises 19 flavours.