A group of lobster fishermen from the English south coast is set to apply for PGI status for Selsey lobster in a bid to secure a premium for their catch.

Selsey lobster, caught off Selsey on the West Sussex coast, is said to have a sweeter flavour than other types of lobster sold in the UK and is caught ­using a specially designed ‘parlour pot’, which has an escape hatch allowing immature lobsters to escape.

At present, Selsey lobster is typically sold to local ­restaurants and at farmers markets, but it is also ­exported to France and China. Richard Langford of Langford Lobsters said he hoped PGI status would help Selsey lobster fishermen tap into the lucrative London restaurant trade.

Currently, the only UK shellfish to carry protected food name status is the Whistable Oyster, although other shellfish, such as Cardigan Bay Prawns, are going through the application process.