The Serious Food Company is relaunching its desserts and juice business in an attempt to polish its premium credentials and double pudding sales to £10m in two years.

As part of the relaunch, six new chilled dessert lines will hit shelves from next week. The company has also overhauled the packaging of the 18-strong range.

The clear plastic and white sleeves the brand is known for have been replaced with bright hexagonal cardboard packs to modernise the brand.

"The original clear packaging was all about being able to see the food, it was very minimalistic," said sales and marketing director Stephanie Kean. "But now you have Duchy Originals and Frü, which have a similar white design. What stood out on shelf originally no longer does."

Another factor was the rising cost and the environmental impact of plastic.

All packs are now 100%-recyclable.

The range comprises restaurant-inspired desserts such as Gianduja mousse with sea salted caramel, and boysenberry & raspberry yoghurt fool with ginger biscuits, in either single or twin-pot packs.

All recipes are made in small batches of about 200 a time, so that the process remains more handmade than automated.

The company will support the relaunch with a consumer press drive, including Waitrose and Sainsbury's customer magazines, and with in-store activity, money-off deals and through its online Serious Food Club.

It plans to introduce more products in August to give the range, which was first launched in 2006, a seasonal twist. The range has listings in all Waitrose stores and in the top 200 Sainsbury's.

"Gü really opened the door for premium desserts, but we're taking it to the next level," added Kean.

At retail, the Serious Food Company's branded desserts business is worth £4.5m, but it believes it can more than double sales within two years.

Its £5.5m Simply Organic soup and ready meal brand will also benefit from a facelift later this year.