Asda store

This week’s winner, Asda Dewsbury, impressed with a “tidy” car park and neatly stacked trolleys. Our shopper liked the “industrial” appearance, and the Halloween themed areas looked “jolly”. It was “airy and spacious” and items were “easy to locate”. Availability was good and “staff were the star of the show”.

Morrisons Gloucester was a “well presented, spacious and clean store”. There were a few spillages around but these were signed. “There were quite a few staff members on the shop floor” and they were helpful. “Daniel on checkout was chatty and jovial.” Two items on the list weren’t available.

“Trolleys were dotted around the car park whilst two attendants stood and chatted” at Sainsbury’s in the Wirral. Inside it was quite busy and with a “good range of services, toys and homeware”, impressively displayed. Full marks for shop floor service but the till staff “weren’t as helpful”.

Waitrose in South Woodford and Tesco Surrey Quays were joint last this week.

The Tesco store “looked a bit old” and the offers were “a bit untidy and slightly messy”. A portion of the store was blocked off to make space for construction of a Next at Home section. Staff were “focused on filling shelves” and seemed too busy to check stock. Our shopper couldn’t get six items on the list.

“Autumn shrubs on display outside Waitrose looked attractive” but a “metal container of kindling, charcoal and compost looked a mess”. Throughout the store “there were examples of poor stock presentation”. Staff were “ultra busy and there weren’t a lot of them about”.