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Asda in Stafford wins with 82 points this week. The busy store was in the process of restocking and trolleys did cause “some” obstruction, but the majority of the store was “easy to navigate”. Our shopper found it “easy” to find the items, availability was good and staff were “friendly and helpful”.

Sainsbury’s in Swindon was “very well laid out” with easily noticeable promotions and most of the shelves “fully stocked”. But our shopper thought staff could have been “friendlier and more approachable” - one was “a bit rude” and no employees could be found in the frozen aisles.

Waitrose in Guildford seemed “fairly new” and was “relatively busy” on this Saturday morning. Our shopper really liked the “nice and wide” checkouts and welcomed the “healthy ranges” on offer at the till points. But six items were unavailable.

Morrisons in Banchory was “quiet, tidy and well-cared for” but “many, mostly unmanned” trolleys were causing an obstruction. The structure of the shop itself proved problematic, with pillars blocking shelves and giving customers little space to reach products. The store lost points due to the huge total of 11 unavailable items.

Tesco in Worcester seemed “very well maintained” and some staff were “so kind and helpful” that the shop felt “very positive”. But despite some “very approachable” people who went out of their way to help, not every employee provided good service - some felt “there was no point looking” for items, according to our shopper. And the store suffered from having nine unavailable items.