Asda store

Asda in Forfar wins this week with 88 points. The store was “clean, calm and enticing” and, thanks to a “logical, intuitive” layout, our shopper located items “very quickly and easily”. Aisles were “spacious and bright” and staff “friendly, polite and warmly helpful”.

Waitrose in Southsea was “bright, clean and inviting” - the cleanest supermarket our shopper had ever visited. Shelves were full and there were “lots” of staff available to help and attend to displays.

Sainsbury’s in Cannock was “well stocked and tidy” but there were some unmanned restocking trolleys in the aisles. There was “good choice and availability” on the counter services, it was “easy to navigate” and staff were “polite and helpful”.

Tesco in Welling scored full marks for its car park. In store the layout was “clear” but our shopper found it illogical to have the freezers at “near the beginning/middle” of the store. But it was “surprisingly easy” to find staff and the employee on checkout was “friendly”.

Morrisons in Boroughbridge appeared “tired and lacklustre” with an “old and well-worn” floor. There were gaps on shelves and aisles obscured by “empty boxes and abandoned stock”. There were “very few” employees on the shop floor. One staff member was “friendly and genuine” - in contrast to the checkout employee.

Aldi in Durham was “somewhat grubby”. Our shopper experienced difficulties trying to find staff after 6pm, with one employee described as “neither helpful nor polite”. Shelves were “messy”.