tesco fruit and veg staff

Source: Tesco

Tesco has started off the new Grocer 33 year where it left off. The entrance to the Kingsteignton store was “welcoming” (though the store was “old and tired”), “all staff were friendly and helpful”, availability good, the checkout area “clean, tidy and bright” and the assistant took account of our shopper’s pace when packing.

Asda in Dundee Milton was “tidy and clean”. Clothing and gardening displays were “impressive”. Staff were helpful, but none offered to check for missing items. Our shopper said the “constant restocking” made it difficult to move freely.

Waitrose in Menai Bridge had a “good range of products and services” and the store itself was “well-presented and welcoming”. Our shopper was impressed with the Welsh produce section and “lovely” staff but felt the car park was a “nightmare”.

There were seven unavailable items at Sainsbury’s in Shrewsbury despite “lots of restocking”. Some cages were left “abandoned” and blocking aisles. Employees were “good” but most did not take our shopper to find items and instead just referenced the aisle number. The checkout assistant was “really helpful and friendly”.

Morrisons in Lincoln was “very cluttered”, “very busy” and “quite noisy”. Our shopper felt “quite stressed” by the end of her shop and thought staff were “more concerned with stacking shelves than providing good customer service”. Employees seemed “harassed” and did not offer to check for products that were not on the shelves, simply saying they were out of stock.