sainsbury's cheese counter

Sainsbury’s Washington impressed this week with its great shop floor service. Staff were “quick and willing” when asked for help and only one item on the list could not be found. The store itself it was “very big” but was “perhaps beginning to show wear in places”. It is based within an “extensive shopping centre”, which meant “long queues ­exiting the car park”.

Only two points behind was Asda Kingswood with its “light, fresh and clean” store. There was a wide range of services and “all staff were extremely helpful and polite”. “Five checkouts were closed during a busy time” so our shopper had a long wait, but “the till operator offered help packing”.

Tesco in Crawley “was bright and felt airy”, though “the floor looked worn in places”. The store has a “good range of services including an optician, pharmacy and shoe repair place”. Staff were helpful and friendly, in particular an assistant in the fruit & veg section. Five items were unavailable.

Despite “undergoing renovations”, Morrisons in Northampton was “well organised, spacious and clean”. For a Saturday morning it was “quiet” and “staff were helpful and friendly”. Our shopper was “impressed and would travel further than usual to shop here” but availability was poor.

Waitrose in Billericay is in the town centre and has a “small car park”. A lot of “dead stalks and leaves surrounded the garden display” and “made it look scruffy”. One member of staff “rather rudely” served a customer behind our shopper while she was waiting for an answer. Availability was poor.