Tesco Christmas

Tesco in Montrose won with 83 points in our final shop of 2018. The “outstandingly calm, helpful and friendly staff” left our shopper feeling “relaxed and happy”. Employees knew their products “inside out” and showed “willingness to go the extra mile”. Our shopper was also “very impressed” with the store’s cleanliness.

Sainsbury’s in Nine Elms, London was a “very pleasant” experience with all staff encounters described as “very friendly”. The store was tidy and looked new, with “nice and wide” aisles - but it had eight unavailable items.

Waitrose in Meanwood, Leeds looked “clean and attractive” and there were “plenty of staff” who were easy to locate. But the store felt “cluttered”, “cramped” and “hard to navigate”, leaving our shopper retracing her steps more than once. She also felt “disappointed” with her shop after an encounter with a staff member who made her feel “like an inconvenience”.

Asda in Paignton had “the look of a warehouse not a supermarket” and seemed “dated” but was “clean and uncluttered”. Our shopper “really enjoyed” her shop thanks to staff, who were “smiling and helpful” and, as a result, it scored top marks on shop floor service. The store had 12 unavailable items.

Morrisons in Ross-on-Wye was “very busy” and it was “often tricky to move down an aisle” as they were so narrow. Employees were “helpful” but there “didn’t seem to be enough staff” given the number of shoppers at the store. Our shopper felt it was “not a very pleasant experience”.