Tesco shop floor

A big score of 91 put Tesco in Dover at the top of the Grocer 33 this week. The “store has an open-plan entrance, which is very inviting”. Inside “lots of staff were busy restocking” and only one item on the list wasn’t available. The till operator “was very friendly, polite and efficient”. Overall, “a lovely store”.

Sainsbury’s in Brislington “is a newly refurbished store” with a branch of Argos at the entrance. Inside “there were a lot of staff stocking shelves”, which explains the good availability score. One member of staff “was extremely helpful” and showed our shopper to an item whereas another, without checking, said that an item wasn’t stocked. “Overall a nice new modern store.”

Waitrose in Nine Elms looked “new” and “had pretty flowers on each side of the entrance”. The “store standards were impeccable” with a good range of facilities, though it was “missing a cheese counter”. “Customer service was excellent” but availability was not.

Flowering plants outside Morrisons Baillieston “looked pretty dried out”. A restocking trolley was obstructing the beer aisle and a staff member didn’t attempt to move it. “There were no staff in the fruit & veg area or wine aisle but in the bakery they were extremely helpful.” Eight items were not in stock.

The “main store entrance feels cluttered and enclosed” at Asda Swansea. “While there were a lot of seasonal items on display, they didn’t look attractive or appealing.” Staff were difficult to find and our shopper “searched aisles for several minutes”. Kim on the till was “polite, helpful and efficient”.