tesco store

Tesco Riverside Dundee won this week. Our shopper liked the “excellent and varied range of goods and that it relied on simplicity and orderliness of presentation rather than ‘in your face’ promotional displays”. The store was tidy, staff on the shop floor helpful and friendly, and availability was strong.

Morrisons Anlaby featured a particularly attractive garden section. The store was tidy and well-stocked, too. Shop floor service was good and our shopper wasn’t kept waiting long at the checkout, even though it was busy.

Most staff were helpful at Asda Weston-super-Mare but one, asked the whereabouts of an item, said he was new and couldn’t help - and didn’t offer to find someone who could. Overall though, the store had an “excellent range of services”.

With its poorly signposted underground car park, our shopper struggled to find Sainsbury’s Solihull. The store was “smaller and older, kept fairly clean but just not particularly tidy”. Staff were friendly, though our shopper felt some were distracted as closing time approached.

Guest retailer Aldi Cardiff seemed to have low stock levels on fresh fruit & veg, and our shopper was unable to purchase all items on the list. It was, our shopper felt, “overall an easy store to shop in, with no-frills, down-to-earth value”.

At Waitrose Abingdon, six items were out of stock. It also didn’t fare too well at the checkout with a longer wait than expected and a “rather sullen” assistant. Our shopper did note “visible staff and a nice, clean, bright, store”, however.