Source: Waitrose

Waitrose in Daventry is our store of the week, scoring 84 points. A very calm and relaxed” store, it offered a “pleasant shopping experience” that felt like a “real treat”. The entrance area was “lovely” and featured seasonal items. Staff were easy to find and “very helpful”.

Sainsbury’s in Newhaven was a “very good” shopping experience. The store was “very clean” and shelves were fully stocked. The layout was logical and the number of in-store services were “very convenient”. The “very ample” baby changing facilities (our shopper had her seven-month-old baby with her) came in for particular praise.

Tesco in Sunderland was “clean, neat and tidy”. Our shopper was surprised there were not more extra services but found shopping there a “pleasure”. Staff were “helpful, cheerful and well presented” though sometimes they took a few minutes to locate.

Morrisons in East Kilbride featured promotional offers at the entrance. The fresh produce was “well stocked” with a “great variety of items”. The store was “well laid out” and staff were “very helpful” and took our shopper to find items. Staff were “well presented and very friendly” and were able to offer alternatives if an item was out of stock.

Asda in Roehampton “looked like a warehouse” with “piles” of seasonal gardening items at the entrance, which seemed unwelcoming. Shelves were either “a mess or empty” and the restocking trolleys were blocking aisles. Our shopper did not enjoy her shop and thought the store was in “dire” need of renovation.