waitrose and partners trolleys

Waitrose in Newton Mearns near Glasgow wins this week with 82 points. The store was “open and light” and “welcoming”. It scored full marks for shop floor service thanks to its “extremely helpful” staff. At the checkout, they helped a customer unload a large trolley of items.

Asda in Poole had “very good” store standards and our shopper found the shop “very positive”. Staff were “quite hard to find” but proved “very helpful”. Some areas were “low on stock and quite messy”.

Sainsbury’s in Halifax is a “big store” with a “clear” layout. Our shopper liked that it was possible to “easily get to the areas that you are looking for” but there were a “number” of unattended trolleys in the aisles and spillage signs. The checkout scored well thanks to “minimal queues”.

Tesco’s Gloucester store had a “nice feel” and was “generally well stocked”. Our shopper found the layout was “not particularly intuitive” but employees were “pleasant and helpful” and there were only short queues at checkouts.

Morrisons in Northampton was “easy to navigate” but had “lots of empty shelves and boxes”. The store had a “nice feel” but our shopper struggled to find staff despite one encounter with a “very helpful” employee. The Halloween shop at the back of the store was “pretty impressive”.

Iceland in Washington was restocking and there were unmanned trolleys in aisles and boxes on the floor, making the store “look somewhat untidy”. The staff were “helpful and friendly at all times”. Seven items were unavailable.