Sharwood’s hopes to have people reaching into the freezer cabinets for a quick Chinese or Indian meal with a new ready meal range in handy bowls.
Far Eastern Bowls comprises Sweet & Sour Battered Chicken with rice, Spicy Chinese Noodles and Chow Mein, all in ready-to-serve plastic bowls at £1.99.
Also rolling out in the multiples from this month are the relaunched House Specials frozen range, which has more impactful packaging and improved recipes. The products, including Chicken Korma, are also 20% bigger.
Alison Wright, RHM Frozen’s marketing director, said Sharwood’s had the potential to build on its position in frozen and its market share in the Asian frozen ready meals market.
“Having well-loved quality brands in the frozen category is an ideal way of changing consumers’ perceptions and injecting a greater level of attention.”