Unilever Bestfoods produced two of last year's most complained-about press and poster campaigns, according to the Advertising Standards Association's annual report.
Poster ads for two treatments in Pot Noodle's Slag' campaign prompted more than 400 complaints, securing the brand second position in the ASA's annual list of shame.
The ASA ruled the slogan in one of the ads, Hurt me you slag', was "unsuitable" for use because of the implication of sexual violence. However, it deemed the other, The slag of all snacks', was "unlikely" to cause widespread offence.
A total of 85 complaints secured eighth place in the list for another Unilever campaign, for Lipton Ice Tea, although the ASA ruled there was nothing wrong with its The female orgasm? No such thing' slogan.
The ASA received a record 13,959 complaints about non-broadcast ads last year, a 10.8% increase on 2001.
That included a "tenfold" increase in complaints about advertisements sent by text message.
However, ASA director Christopher Graham said: "Our compliance research shows that advertisers overwhelmingly abide by the rules."

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