Summer salad weather is almost here, but the six major retailers have been slow to come up with special offers on sauces and salad dressings - in fact, Stockwatch found only one in 10 lines on promotion out of an average of 120 SKUs.
Clearly, though, consumers are placing heavy demand on the few promoted lines, with more than a quarter likely to go out of stock during peak periods. Normal lines fare better, with only 10% at risk.
Asda offers the average number of products in this category, but has the smallest proportion on promotion - 6%. Of these, 33% were at risk during peak shopping hours. Normal lines were better stocked, with only 7% at risk.
Sainsbury has the widest range of products in this category with 145 SKUs and 10% on promotion. But it performs better than Asda in terms of availability, with 18% of promoted lines at risk - the second best in the sector - and 9% of normal lines likely to go out of stock.
Somerfield’s range is significantly smaller, although it has just more than the average on promotion. In terms of availability, Somerfield stores perform better than average for promoted lines, with 23% at risk, but one in eight non-promoted lines was at risk at peak shopping times.
Tesco’s range is the second largest, with slightly fewer lines on promotion. Availability of non-promoted lines is average, although promoted lines are in more danger of going out of stock, with 28% at risk.
Morrisons has one of the smallest product ranges but has trouble keeping it on the fixture; in fact, Morrisons performs worst of all the six retailers in terms of availability, with 39% of promoted lines and 16% of non-promoted lines likely to go out of stock at peak shopping hours
Its transitional Safeway stores offer one of the widest ranges, although fewer are on promotion (9%).
Safeway’s performance is the best by far, with 2% of normal lines and 12% of promoted lines at risk.