Sales Information Resources values the So Good soya brand at £2.9m across multiples & Co-ops for the year ending December 2, 2001. It says the shelf stable milk category weighs in at £157.5m, with the soya sector worth £20.3m, up 39% on last year. The company says... "We value the brand at around £7m across the whole market, with the fresh chilled product at £4.3m. The category has grown on the back of it ­ around 60% on an MAT basis ­ and most chilled drinkers have come from normal milk. We've got a new ad campaign planned for later in the year, aimed at broadening appeal. We've adjusted predictions but it'll be a £15m brand by the end of year two. To go from almost nothing 13 months ago to a £7m brand now is a real achievement." A consumer's view "I'm trying to cut down on dairy but I'm not too keen on So Good as it tries too hard to taste like cow's milk." Adrian Dobbie, 31, graphic designer, Brighton. {{P&P }}