Irn-Bru owner AG Barr has entered the flavoured water category with a low-calorie extension of its Rubicon brand, as soft drinks suppliers seek to satisfy the demands of increasingly health-conscious shoppers.

Available from July, the NPD - a combination of sparkling spring water and fruit juice with B vitamins and no added sugar - is designed to appeal to both fans of flavoured water and to consumers who prefer low-cal pop. It is set to be backed by a £2m marketing drive, including TV advertising from August.

Four variants will be available: Strawberry Kiwi, Lemon Lime, Orange Mango and Black Cherry Raspberry, with calorie content from 10 to 15 calories per bottle.

“For those wanting a healthier alternative to a fizzy drink or fruit drink, it has all of the low-calorie and benefits of spring water,” said Adrian Troy, AG Barr’s head of marketing. “And for those coming from water or flavoured water, where taste can often be bland and disappointing, it has a big hit of Rubicon flavour.”