The Yorkshire Provender Company is launching a microwaveable chilled soup in a single-serve cup, which it claims is a first in the fresh soup category.

The range of single-portion on-the-go soups come in a double container. A microawaveable cup is placed inside a separate card outer, removing the need for a bowl or mug.

The first packaging of its kind in the soup sector, according to the company, it is targeted at the convenience market.

To prepare the soup, consumers tear off the shrink-on plastic collar, remove the inner plastic pot that contains the soup and microwave it for three minutes. The contents can then be poured into the card cup, ready for drinking.

The newcomer would "bring fresh hope to the cluttered soup category", claimed co-founder Belinda Willliams. "There is a gap in the market for a range that can be enjoyed on the move or at the desk. Our product makes this simple food more accessible, while current lines defeat the object of convenience because the soups have to be transferred before they can be eaten."

The two-strong range, priced at £1.75 for a 285ml cup, consists of a pea & spinach with fresh herbs variant and carrot & celeriac with caraway and cumin.

Like the company's existing range of soups, these contain no nasties and all ingredients, where possible, have been sourced from Yorkshire suppliers, who feature on the front of each soup under the 'local hero' banner.

Initial reaction from buyers had been positive, said Williams. "They love the practical element ," she said, adding that the company was expecting to confirm listings with retailers in the next couple of weeks.

The launch will be supported with PoS and price promotional activity. A third flavour has already been developed and will be launched later this winter.