United Biscuits has given its cult crisp range Space Raiders fancier packaging and a lower price to boost its appeal among younger crisp munchers.

The snacks group has replaced the plastic packaging with foil to preserve the crisps' freshness. It has also redesigned the Space Raiders logo and alien head, introducing brighter colouring so the packs stand out against standard-priced bagged snacks.

The company, which rolled out the new-look corn and wheat crisps this week, has also added a new 'only 20p' message to highlight the lower price previously the bags were 25p and has updated the recipe to offer an "improved and lighter eat".

The changes would make the snacks, which were launched in the late 1970s, more appealing to younger consumers, predicted George Johnston, marketing director for bagged snacks at United Biscuits. This month, a new saucy BBQ flavour will be added to the existing three flavours of pickled onion, beef and spicy ­variants. The saucy BBQ flavour will feature a "new" message on a flying saucer motif.

"Space Raiders is something of a cult brand and is delivering phenomenal growth of 51% [Nielsen] which for such a mature brand is quite unusual," said Johnston. "We attribute this sales growth to consumers recognising both the good, honest recession-busting value that a bag of Space Raiders continues to offer and the nostalgia ­surrounding the brand."

Space Raiders has previously been the subject of a Facebook campaign to ­reduce the packs to their original price of 10p.

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