Spar has lowered the price of its own-label lager and given it a rebrand following a change in supplier.

The retailer has switched from a Netherlands-based supplier to a UK brewery, reducing the price of its 4% abv lager to £6 per 8-pack and £7 per 8-pack for its 5% abv lager, which marks a saving of 9%. The move would help Spar stay competitive with branded products, said beer buyer Steve Howarth.

While Spar had been satisfied with the lager brewed by its previous supplier, the opportunity to negotiate a new UK-based deal meant it could avoid increasingly costly foreign exchange, switch to cardboard from plastic shrinkwrap packaging and offer consumers the "sharpest price" possible, said Howarth.

The pack design has been updated and Spar has reduced the abv of its "super-strength" lager from 8.9% to 7.5% to better fit the government's RDA of alcohol.