Spar north wales

A poll of 1,000 shoppers found greatest trust in Spar

Spar is the most trusted independent convenience operator, according to a new survey.

As many as 31% of 1,000 shoppers in a poll by retail and shopper creative agency Live & Breathe said they were ‘happy to shop in/trust’ Spar. This was ahead of 22% of shoppers who trusted an indie c-store, and 21% who trusted Costcutter.

Shoppers were also asked what type of stores they would like to see more of on the high street. Almost half (47%) said they would like more independent shops to open. Some 34% wanted a traditional butcher, greengrocer or fishmonger. In contrast, just 8.5% said they would like more c-stores run by the multiples to open.

However, 50% said they thought independently run stores were more expensive and 25% said that indies didn’t offer enough product choice.

“The issue for these retailers is how to overcome possible misinterpretation that they’re more expensive,” said said Live & Breathe MD Nick Gray. “While offering competitive prices should be the focus for smaller retailers, so should promoting the overall in-store shopping experience.”