UK multiple grocers are battling to be the first to offer a wide range of speciality own label beers as the sector continues to show healthy growth.
Asda is planning to add two beers to its Extra Special premium portfolio.
Ged Futter, Asda’s beer buyer, said: “Asda is in the process of rebranding two own label beers - Whitechapel Porter and Gentleman Jack ale - under the Extra Special banner. These were already considered to be premium beers, so it makes sense to give them the Extra Special label.”
Both are priced at £1.08 per 500ml bottle.
Morrisons is also rushing to add alcohol to its The Best range. It will include a bottle-conditioned 6% abv ale (£1.59 per 500ml bottle) called The Best, brewed by Freeminer Brewery in Gloucestershire.
“The Best range is going very well and our bottled premium beers range also did well last year. We created some alcohol products specifically to fit under The Best label and they passed all the criteria, so we thought we’d give them a go,” said John Spurs, beers, wines and spirits director at Morrisons.
Morrisons also plans to add an oak-matured vintage cider and a blended Scotch whisky, as well as a wine range that will include a Cava.
Meanwhile, Tesco has added a 75cl French Wheat Beer to its Finest range in the past month and the retailer said the success of the variant had encouraged it to develop additional beers for the range, which will be rolled out later this year.