An eco-friendly shop has been opened by family-run butchers’ firm IJ McIntosh in Aberdeenshire.

The new premises, which was formerly a car dealer’s showroom and measures 200 square meters, uses low-wattage equipment, lights and fans.

The site’s refrigeration insulation is low CGC impact and the wall cladding low CFC impact, while new machinery has been bought to enable the business to use recycled packing. 

“I’ve wanted to do my bit for sustainability, so the new shop is fitted to be as environmentally friendly as possible,” says manager Gavin McIntosh. “When we secured our new location, it provided an opportunity to build the shop we’ve always dreamed of.”

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IJ McIntosh was started by Gavin’s father, who bought his first shop in Fraserburgh in 1982.

The business has plans to further boost the sustainability of the new premises, which is only a minute’s walk from the original shop.

“Because it’s a large building we’re in talks with an energy company about putting solar panels on the roof to harness and generate electricity that will power the shop and an electric vehicle we plan to purchase to make deliveries.”

Tom Gibson, Quality Meat Scotland’s director of market development, describes the site as ‘a model shop for the modern-day butcher’.

“Butchery is an age-old craft that has modern values and butchers, such as Gavin, are now taking that forward; investing in their businesses for the future, keeping them up to date so they can thrive,” he adds.

IJ McIntosh - Shop view






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