Holland & Barrett is offering customers 20% off their purchases if members of staff are unable to answer their health questions about products in store.

The health retailer is running the ‘ask us anything’ campaign from tomorrow and will be supporting it with two new TV adverts.

The campaign aims to promote the specialist knowledge of Holland & Barrett’s store staff. It follows the launch last year of the Holland & Barrett Health Academy, which gives staff the equivalent of an A-Level qualification in health and nutrition.

“We are really excited to launch the ‘ask us anything’ campaign this month as we can demonstrate to our customers just how knowledgeable our trained staff are at providing quality health advice they can trust, on the high street,” said Lysa Hardy, Holland & Barrett’s chief marketing officer.

Yesterday, Holland & Barrett’s parent company NBTY Europe announced the acquisition of the Belgian health and wellness chain Essenza.

The group said it fitted its strategy of being at the forefront of health retailing in Europe. It already owns the Dutch health retailer De Tuinen.