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Store: Jacksons, Broom Valley, Rotherham
Number of items: 8
Out of stocks: 0
Not sold: Kingsmill square cut, Nescafé original 100g
Price paid for 8 products: £8.18With Sainsbury announcing plans to roll out its Sainsbury’s at fascia to its Bells, Jacksons and JB Beaumont convenience stores we checked how the current offer rated at the Jacksons Broom Valley Road store in Rotherham.
Our shopper said that was a small but busy store. It offered a broad range of products and was clean and tidy.
What impressed our shopper most was the friendly staff who were happy to help with any of her queries. They also created a pleasant community atmosphere in the store.
The only items our shopper was unable to pick up were Kingsmill square cut, 800g and Nescafé original 100g, although other branded alternatives were available.
Our shopping list comprised cheapest-on-display apples, semi-skimmed milk, 1-pint, Kingsmill square cut 800g, Flora Light 500g, unsmoked back bacon 1-pack, Heinz Baked Beanz 415g, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes 500g, cheapest-on-display toilet tissue 4-pack, Nescafé original 100g, and Coca-Cola, 2-litre.
Our shopper at this Tesco Extra in Newcastle upon Tyne was only able to pick up 30 of the items on our list.
Hot chicken and cheapest antibacterial handwash were out of stock, while Paxo sage and onion stuffing was not sold in the pack size we required.
Even early in the morning, the store was busy and 25 of the 48 checkouts needed to be open to deal with the flow of customers. Our shopper said that the shelves were well stocked, the store was easy to shop and the staff all seemed friendly.
He spotted offers on Walkers ready-salted crisps and Hardys Stamp wine.