It's better known for selling the cheapest fuel in Britain, but now Stans Superstore has turned its hand to healthy eating.

The independent retailer ran a bumper healthy eating campaign at its store near Oswestry in Shropshire last week. As part of the campaign, if customers spent £40 or more in-store they received a punnet of nectarines, plums, white or red grapes and pears, worth a combined £6.76, for free.

Owner Andrew Faulks said the store sold 1,800 punnets of locally sourced fruit during the one-week special, of which 1,300 were given away.

"I've never seen anyone do anything like this and we thought we'd do something different," he said. "Customers loved it and we got some good feedback."

The retailer was considering a similar campaign in the future, Faulks added, but its next offer would be on fuel to coincide with the August bank holiday.