Nestlé Rowntree is throwing £10m of marketing support behind its Christmas 2001 line up, focusing on a new children's product Nestlé All Stars, After Eight Truffles and Quality Street. The bright yellow All Stars box, which is to be a standard line, contains miniature packs of Milkybar, Milkybar Choo, Mini Smarties, Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles, Body Parts, Wonkalate and Rolos (Rsp £2.99). It is joined in the kids' sector by a new Milkybar Choo train with eight bars and a driver bean toy. A big version of Quality Street's hazelnut in caramel ­ the Big Purple One (35p, 38g.), and a Matchmakers Cool Mint variant are both newcomers. Orange Sensation and Raspberry Parfait variants make their debuts in Dairy Box, and Caramel Wave, Nut Swirl and Wafer Supreme are new in Black Magic. After Eight has redesigned packs. There's also a range of character tree decorations and giant tubes, as well as a Kit Kat Chunky computer pack and a new Yorkie truck. {{MARKETING - P&P }}