In the latest part of our series on The Schweitzer Collection of the world’s top 50 food stores, we take a peek at the outlets that best celebrate the expertise and craftsmanship of their staff and suppliers.

Searching for inspiration on store design? Look no further than The Schweitzer Collection, a selection of 50 food stores from across the world that every serious retailer, and food lover, should visit.

This list of amazing outlets has been pulled together by retail experts at Interstore Schweitzer based on five criteria: product presentation, expertise & craftsmanship, atmosphere & interior, ready-to-eat offer and omnichannel & digital innovation.

When it came to expertise & craftsmanship, the experts looked for stores that celebrated the skill and knowledge of their staff and suppliers, such as those offering excellent product variety, beautiful displays and creative use of spaces, as well as those giving a platform to local food artisans and delicacies.

So which stores stood out in particular? 

Borough Market – London, UK

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Size: 10,000m sq Format: Food market

A visit to Borough Market is an education in food. With a history dating back 1,000 years, it has gradually evolved over the years to keep step with modern food trends, while keeping its core values such as sustianable sourcing, short supply chains and social connections at its heart. With traders offering a wealth of tasty treats inspired by cuisines from around the world, it's a joy to spend time browsing its maze of old lanes and vast steel-covered sections. Just magical. 


Cru – Ghent, Belgium

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Size: 400-800m sq Format: Supermarket

There is no better place to get a proper look at how craftsmen in the food sector execute their art than Cru market in the picturesque Belgian town of Ghent. Ten different artisans are gathered under the same roof, with the offer changing depending on the season. In spring you will find a flower shop, for example, while in winter there is a whisky bar. What’s more, regular ‘inspirational’ sessions bring together experts from across the supply chain, from producer to customer, from farm to fork. This is transparency at its best.


Frischeparadies – Stuttgart, Germany

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Size: 1,100m sq Format: Supermarket

Frischeparadies is an independent gourmet market positioned alongside a wholesale market, combining fresh, high-quality delicacies in a pleasant environment with a focus on fresh produce. The range in both markets is tailored to the needs of foodservice professionals, but is also suitable for home cooks. The Stuttgart location has a special market hall flair, with lovingly designed counters and departments reminiscent of Mediterranean markets. A creatively designed fish counter with the freshest selection of fish and seafood, an inviting ham counter, a huge selection of cheeses and a lavish selection of fruits and vegetables await you. At the bistro, enjoy a glass of chilled rosé alongside culinary delights pulled right from the market. What a pleasure.



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Harrods Food Halls – London, UK

Size: 6,000-10,000m sq Format: Food hall

Harrods has reinvented luxury food retail and its opulent food halls are a gourmand’s dream. After several years of refurbishments, they now include a fresh market hall, a chocolate hall, a roastery and bakery hall, a wine and spirits hall and a dining hall, all boasting an abundant array of delicacies. Highlights include the signature sourdough from the bakery hall and the bonbons from the chocolate hall.


b– Barcelona, Spain

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Size: 30,000m sq Format: Food market

After almost 800 years, this market in the centre of Barcelona has lost none of its wonder, and is still considered by many to be one of the very best in the world. Despite its tourist appeal, La Boqueria has remained trendy and loved by locals, leveraging its authenticity and atmospheric qualities to create a truly iconic landmark. Its 200 vendors offer a banquet of delights that assaults all your senses. Don’t leave without sampling local specialities botifarra (Catalan sausage), calcots (winter vegetable) and turron (sweet nougat). Also visit stall-turned-eatery El Quim de la Boqueria for fried eggs with baby squid. Sublime.


Løgismose Vin, Mad & Delikatesser – Copenhagen, Denmark

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Size: 487m sq Format: Premium gourmet

Løgismose has revolutionised the Danish food industry with an uncompromising approach to quality. The company has been running this store on the Copenhagen waterfront since 1982, and to this day it continues to be a world-class benchmark for product-first food brands branching into foodservices and retail. The store brings together 4,000 of the world's most delicious delicacies, with standout cheese and wine departments. Fresh fish is delivered directly from the quay. Dine at the nearby Logismore Spiseri to experience the produce directly on your plate. Superb.


Pavillion Road – London, UK

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Size: 200m sq Format: High street

This high street offers a world-class selection of food specialists. Owned by Cadogan Estate, upmarket Chelsea's Pavillion Road is a small but perfectly formed pedestrian backstreet featuring an incredible array of carefully selected independent food retailers. Not only is this a perfect example of how to bring together everything shoppers are looking for in a one-stop shop, but each of these stores is a benchmark example in itself.