Booker’s first Jack’s-branded symbol store is “proving really popular” as it completes its first full week of trading in Blantyre, Scotland.

The first-of-its-kind format was opened on 12 October by Mo Razzaq, a Family Shopper retailer for the past seven years.

It is the inaugural store in a small trial that will be rolled out in Middlesbrough and County Durham later this year.

Five hundred Jack’s-branded chilled, frozen, bakery and ambient products are now available within the independent retailer’s grocery offer within the 2,000 sq ft store.

“It has been going really well since we opened,” said Razzaq. “The Jack’s products are proving to be really popular with my shoppers. Blending Jack’s with our independent retail offer including our dessert bar, food to go, coffee and other services is really offering fantastic value for my community. We are currently working hard, listening to our shoppers’ feedback and are looking forward to learning more in the coming weeks.”

The launch of the new symbol group signals further crossover between Tesco and Booker. The wholesaler said the move “has formed part of its commitment to unlocking the benefits of being a bigger group”.