You must be very happy, what with winning this week, and the hot weather? Yes. It was the first bit of sun we have had this year so naturally people want to jump into the garden and have a barbecue! So we had to get the team and the shop oor ready to sell beer, barbecue food and garden furniture. We had some great products at a great price anyway, but it was a real rush to get those products out. But we managed it and they sold superbly. The barbecue food and the garden furniture sold really well.

Are you all set up for the Jubilee weekend? Yes, it was a good practice run - not just for next weekend, but for the Olympics and Euro 2012 too. As a store we are getting primed and ready and, as a business, Asda has got us positioned really well for what is going to be a summer of celebrations. As a store manager I am really con dent about the summer we have coming.

What else is selling well? Fish is doing brilliantly. We launched a Fish Made Simple campaign in March and sales are up by about 30%. The campaign has been great but we also have some brilliant staff behind the fish counter. They have had great training and are really knowledgeable about fish. The feedback from customers has been ‘great price, great product, great service’.

Do you think that great service has helped you to this win? This is quite an old store with an established set of colleagues who know exactly what a good job looks like. We have a lot of competition nearby, which has opened in the past two years. We have really pulled together as a team to stay the best in town. I have a really enthusiastic team - and that is a very important quality.

How do you personally make a difference in store? I have the same routine every day and I like to think that I do it with passion. I do my job with pace, energy and enthusiasm and an absolute desire to succeed.