So what do you put the store’s success down to? A real team effort. The staff here are fantastic. We have just had our HOT training report and came out with top marks again.

Our shopper was impressed with how the store looked. That must make you proud? It does. We were the third Morrisons to get the Store of the Future makeover and it really does look fantastic. The fresh fruit and veg are spectacular. We are getting chefs from all over Shropshire coming to the store to buy ingredients they can’t get anywhere else in the area.

The store is also Morrisons’ famous Liberate Lab. How does it differ from other stores? There is a lot more space. We have stripped out a lot of duplicate grocery lines and have given about three aisles over to clothing, which has worked really well. We are really looking forward to our own clothing brand Nutmeg being launched next year.

The Christmas discount voucher season is getting into full swing - are customers responding? We have ambassadors in the store, telling people how it all works, but lots of people already know about it and like it. We’ve been doing it for years and it really is industry-leading. We are also seeing a great uptake of our Fuel Saver scheme. This is really growing as we get closer to Christmas. We had one lady in last week that bought £500 worth of Currys vouchers and got a voucher for £20 off her petrol.

And the Christmas ranges - anything exciting in that this year? Absolutely – we got the store ready for Christmas over the weekend. The new ranges we’ve introduced are really good. There are some great new products being made in the instore bakery including stollen and panettone. Another highlight is the Candy Cane made from two different coloured doughs. I really like the fresh cream cherry and chocolate gateau for £4.