Winner: Tesco Trowbridge

Store manager: Richard Bayliffe

Opened: 1994

Size: 80,000 sq ft

Market share: 37.7%

Nearest rivals:

Sainsbury’s - 0.5 miles

Waitrose - 6.9 miles

Morrisons - 7.9 miles

Store data source: Analysis by CACI. Call the market planning group on 020 7602 6000

How will the arrival of new CEO Dave Lewis affect your store? We’re in line for refurbishments and the builders have been here for two weeks, giving us a new bakery, new clothing and new GM areas. Our store has had the investment already, and Dave Lewis can only build on this.

Tesco has hit the headlines for falling sales and share prices. How has this affected morale at your store? We’ve tried to give staff a balanced view of where the industry is at the moment. Our store has had £500,000 spent on refurbishments, so I suppose this is something positive for us to focus on. A strange benefit of all the bad news is that though share prices have fallen - which affects colleagues who have invested - they’re now cheaper to buy.

Your store picked up a store of the week award last year. What’s your secret? The team here is just fantastic. They’re the face of everything. We recognise people who have given excellent service and we also have an option for customer feedback on receipts.

What involvement does your store have in the local community? We have a really proactive community champion who has just moved to full-time. She helps to promote lots of things that are happening in the community: when the refurbishment is finished we’ll have a community room that local charities will be able to book. The store backs on to Biss Meadows and we’re helping a conservation project redo the riverside. We’ve got involved with their events, do a weekly litter pick, and we also donated a cash sum to them. We also have a great Farm to Fork initiative that gets loads of schoolchildren involved in learning where their food comes from.

What’s the current focus in your store? Although we’re in the full swing of back to school, we had a really sunny weekend here in Wiltshire, so our customers managed to take advantage of our exit prices on summer goods.