Sainsbury's Clapham G33

How long have you been store manager at Clapham High Street? I have only been here seven weeks after being manager at the Tooting store.

What have you done since you started? I have been deep diving into all areas, including the processes that are key to driving availability and customer service. I have been looking at the people we have and seeing whether they are in the right place and doing the right roles. Staff have already been put on training courses. I am also looking at succession planning. Hiring great people gives strong customer service. I personally try to make the store a great place to work. I am a firm believer that if you have a happy team they will give great service, have pride in the store and in their role.

This mystery shop focused on free-from products. How popular are these within your store and is it a growing trend? It is becoming more popular. The Sainsbury’s Free-from range covers cereals to flour to chocolate. We do stock quite a big range. Customers are actively asking for free-from and gluten-free products and this demand is increasing.

What other specialist food ranges do you stock? Our customers include confident cooks, city workers and locals. We also stock a Polish range, world food, a good deli range and grab-and-go pizzas.

How often do you visit your close rivals? I visit on a weekly basis to see what they are doing. We have a lot of competition and we need to see what they are promoting and what their service is like. I always come back with some ideas.

What are you selling a lot of at the moment? A lot of BBQ products, a lot of fans and with Wimbledon on, sales of strawberries and Champagne are doing well. With the heat, soft drinks are also selling. The healthy eating trend means a lot of healthy produce and soft fruit is selling.

Winner: Sainsbury’s Clapham High Street

Store manager: Yasmin Redman

Opened: 1996

Size: 32,500 sq ft

Market share: 7.9%

Nearest rivals: Iceland - 0.8 miles Asda - 1.5 miles Lidl - 1.8 miles

Store data source: Analysis by CACI. Call the market planning group on 020 7602 6000