Exotic juice drink maker Rubicon has developed a new tongue-drenching straw to heighten the taste experience.
The Sensory Straw has a flat top with four small holes instead of only one large one, which, says Rubicon, allows the juice to flow in multiple directions and ‘drench’ the tongue to stimulate the ‘bitter’ tastebuds at the back of the tongue.
Rubicon’s head of marketing, Barbara Down, said: “Consumers are increasingly experimental in their tastes and looking for new flavours. The Sensory Straw enriches their taste experience.”
The straw will be available on Rubicon’s 288ml single-serve cartons and will be available in-store from October.
Rubicon has added a new easy-to-open twist cap to its one-litre range.
The new ‘pull and pour’ system will roll out next month.