It’s Fresh! - the ethylene management technology that keeps fruit fresher for longer - can extend the post-harvest shelf-life of strawberries by 2.4 days on average, new research has indicated.

The findings emerged from a study of 7,500 strawberry punnets, carried out by Writtle College, which compared punnets containing It’s Fresh! with those that didn’t.

“This benefits everyone in the supply chain, from grower to consumer, by reducing waste and boosting consumers’ confidence,” said Chris Bishop, reader in post-harvest technology at Writtle College.

It’s Fresh! comprises a food-grade sheet containing a blend of minerals and clay, which acts to trap and lock away ethylene gas, a hormone that is responsible for the premature ripening of fruit.

Writtle’s results were presented at Cranfield University’s VI International Conference on Managing Quality in Chains, held this week.